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In order to prevent bots from registring, and to make new members aware of the basic rules of the forum, here are few questions you must answer. You must have the right answer to every question. All the requests sent by e-mail regarding the right and wrong answers of that questionnaire will not be answered.

I am a new member on the forum. So :

Regarding the way the messages have to be written :

When I write a message :

I have just posted a message, and few minutes later, I see I have to add few words or correct a typo :

I am :

The access to the "buy/sell" section is limited.

A message I have just posted disappeared. So :

When I have something to ask :

If I have a problem with a pneumatic cylinder of my #8455 backhoe, I post a message :

I want to add a signature to my messages :

I have to keep in mind that :

With these few questions, I understand that TechLUG is a community created for :